Direct Access Barrister - Civil Litigation

Expert Legal Advice and Representation at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional law firm

Legal Advice • Pre-Court Negotiation • DIY Litigation • County Court Hearings • Commercial Mediations • Arbitrations

Members of the Public can now instruct a Barrister directly without needing to use a Solicitor - benefiting from expert legal advice and representation - and saving money too.

With THE DIRECT BARRISTER you can consult a Barrister by SKYPE or meet at contemporary meeting rooms in London or around the country.

In the past you could only use a Barrister by first retaining a Solicitor.

Rather like only being able to see a Consultant or a Surgeon by getting a referral from your GP.

All that has now changed - now you can ‘go direct’ to a specially qualified ’Direct Access’ Barrister for advice and representation in the County Court.

You can use your Barrister for as much - or as little - as you want, need or can afford. There is no retainer and all services are tailor made to your requirements.

Some clients simply want representation at a particular hearing and do the rest themselves as Litigants in Person.

Others want a more comprehensive ‘start to finish’ service. The choice is yours.

Specialist Legal Advice and Representation

THE DIRECT BARRISTER gives you direct access to a highly qualified Barrister who has 19 years of advising Civil Litigation Solicitors and their clients in the following specialist areas of civil law :

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Boundary and Neighbour disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Child Custody & Contact
  • Co-owned Property
  • Partnership Disputes

What I can do for you

What’s more, THE DIRECT BARRISTER can do far more that just represent you at Trials as ‘Direct Public Access Barristers’ can also :

  • Advise you by telephone, Skype, email and ‘face to face’ meetings
  • Draft your Legal Letters and Documents
  • Write ‘Solicitor’s Letters’
  • Negotiate you a settlement
  • Represent you at Negotiations, Mediations and Arbitrations
  • Represent you at ‘interim’ Court Hearings such as Case Management Hearings
  • Represent you at Small Claims, Fast Track and Multi-Track Trials

Why use me

Richard Balchin is a highly regarded Barrister with 18 years practising experience ay the Bar. He is a Pupil Supervisor - meaning he trains Junior Barristers.

Much more importantly, he takes ‘Direct Access’ work seriously - and gives direct access clients the same high level of client care my regular solicitor clients expect -

• A free ‘no obligation’ initial consultation to discuss your requirements

• Highly competitive fees

• Available to clients ‘outside office hours’ including at weekends by email, mobile telephone or SKYPE

How to instruct me

To instruct Richard Balchin on a Direct Public Access basis please email me a short summary of your situation or telephone me and I will get back to you as soon as I can for a free ‘no obligation’ initial discussion. Alternatively you can use the onsite contact form.

Please note I am not permitted to give free legal advice as such without receiving formal instructions.

Before using a Direct Access Barrister you must assure yourself that you can conduct your own affairs without needing to use a Solicitor.
Full details about what services Barristers can and can not provide under the Public Access Rules can also be found at the
Essential Guide to Public Access Barristers 

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